Redbarre, a media and tech consulting firm based out of Denver, wants to build a huge media, movie, technology campus in Parker.

Some people have visions, and when those visions become reality the rest of us benefit. At least, that's the take of the man running Redbarre.

“Nowhere had anyone built a campus that completely removes the artificial bandwidth and capacity constraints from our processes,” said Redbarre CEO Don Levy. “This is why we’re doing what we are.”

Levy presented his idea in front of the audience in Denver Friday.

The proposed multimillion dollar facility is expected to break ground late 2017, or the first quarter of 2018.

Levy said the development will be a 1.9 million square foot high-speed data campus, with a media production center, a large sound stage, multiple recording studios, performing venues, office space, tourist destination, boutique hotel and other features.

“RedBarre will create about 4,000 new jobs - could conceivably be more, if you consider the range of business opportunities we will foster across media, technology, retail, hospitality and other industries, whether they are established players or they're entrepreneurial newcomers,” Levy said. “More than 750 million dollars of infrastructure development over the next 5 years and on the data side of the house, the campus creates massive new opportunities for facilitating technology and media endeavors.”

The project is expected to be developed on the north side of E-470 west of Chambers Road.

Parker Mayor Mike Waid told 9NEWS Redbarre hasn’t submitted an application for an actual development to the city yet, but the parties have had meetings to discuss the idea.

Waid said the suggested project is expected to be developed on property already appropriately zoned and it didn’t need City Council vote of approval.

“This is a unique project in lots of ways so it stands to reason that the process would be unique as well,” Mayor Waid said. “It’s not uncommon though for a project of this size to reach out to the municipality, talk to us to see what the community is like, it’s part of the due diligence process. Things in the technology world do move pretty fast, I think that’s why this project has taken the direction that it has in terms of the announcement. Parker is very very excited to call Redbarre home, this is going to do quite a bit to highlight what makes Parker and Douglas County so unique and incredible.”

Levy said the project is privately financed.