A downtown Denver tech startup is offering free parking rewards to people who refer others to try out its app.

ParkiFi, a 35-employee company that makes a system to help people find available parking in real time, plans to debut its service in downtown Denver in mid-November.

The system will launch with an inventory of spaces it monitors in private lots in Denver's core downtown business district stretching from Denver Union Station to Broadway between 14th and 20 streets.

In an effort to drum up adoption, ParkiFi is giving way up to $75 in free parking credit to early adopters who sign up on the Parkifi website and refer the service to other users — $5 for five referrals who sign up, $10 for 10 signups, $25 for 25 signups and $75 for 75 signups.

Read more at the Denver Business Journal: http://bit.ly/2fkgKyK