For major U.S. cities, it has meant topless rallies. For New Hampshire, activist arrests. In Fort Collins, the “topfreedom” movement materialized in the form of a public protest and ongoing legal battle.

The crusade seeks to “decriminalize” the female breast and change laws to allow women to go topless in the same public places men can. The Free the Nipple campaign in Fort Collins began in August 2015, when topfreedom advocates brought attention to the city’s public nudity ordinance. Advocates have since sued the city, asking a judge to allow women to go topless in Fort Collins.

As residents filled Fort Collins City Council chambers to weigh in on the issue last October, standing at lecterns and pleading with area leaders to keep women covered, memories stirred. This had — albeit in a different form and many years ago — happened before.

The same scrutiny once centered on Debbie Duz Donuts, a topless doughnut shop that opened on the edge of Fort Collins in the summer of 1989. On its opening day, news cameras descended on the shop and panned its dusty parking lot, cutting to a small woman with cropped brown curls and big owlish glasses — one of the few females in a sea of men in tank tops and trucker hats.

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