Donald Trump Jr. was slated to make a campaign stop for his dad at the Sink on Monday evening.

The only problem? The restaurant’s owners say Trump Jr. didn’t tell the Boulder institution that he was coming—and that they found out only by reading the newspaper.

That’s according to a news release sent out by the restaurant on Monday afternoon.

The Sink went on to clarify that the Trump campaign did make a reservation for 50 people under a different name, but didn’t say what the purpose was.

Trump Jr.s event will now be held outside.

“We will not discriminate or refuse to serve a guest because of their political leanings,” Ben Heinemann with The Sink wrote in an email to 9NEWS. “We of course welcome Mr. Trump as a diner, but The Sink is not an appropriate venue to hold a campaign event.”

This isn’t the first time a political figure has visited The Sink. President Barack Obama stopped by when he was campaigning at CU-Boulder in 2012 (it was also the location of the infamous yogurt-spilling incident).

According to The Sink’s website, Obama did not warn the staff he was going to pop in for a pizza until 20 minutes before, when the Secret Service scoured the building.

Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri have also visited The Sink, which is located at 1165 13th St. in Boulder.

Though he dined at the restaurant, the president did not hold a formal event there.