United Launch Alliance has won a contract to launch a private company's test spacecraft to the moon in 2019.

The Centennial-based company's Atlas V rocket was chosen to carry Pittsburgh-based Astrobotic Technology Inc.'s Peregrine Lunar Lander on its first mission. The Peregrine is designed to carry paying customers' payloads to the lunar surface.

“The moon is the next great frontier, but in a different way than when Neil Armstrong landed there," said Tory Bruno, ULA's CEO. "Enabling technologies like those from Astrobotic will allow people to live and work in the space between here and the moon and take advantage of all those resources in a way that is sustainable.”

The Pergrine lander's first flight is slated to carry about 7.7 pounds of payload to the moon's surface as a demonstration. The Astrobotic spacecraft is designed to carry as much as 583 pounds of payload on future missions.

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