This is not a story any of us would be inclined to believe … unless it was caught on camera.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Here’s what happened: on Monday morning, Greg Cappeart of Argonics Inc. in Louisville says he came to the office to find a shattered glass door.

The people who work at Argonics in Louisville came into work on Monday to find this: a shattered glass door. The culprits? Not what you'd think, folks. 

He assumed it was a case of vandalism and called police, but after looking at the security video, learned it was something else: an aggressive goat.

“Um … what?” you might be thinking to yourself.

No, this isn’t fake news. There’s security camera footage. And you can very clearly see the goat in question butt the door multiple times, before running away once the deed was done.

You can even see this goat's little goat friends running away too, proving that it wasn't a solo crime.

The plot thickens though. Another goat was also caught on camera. This one didn't succeed at getting inside the business. It does, however, have lots of friends, if the other goats milling around are any indication.

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As for Argonics, they are a small polyurethane manufacturer that is going to have the best call to an insurance agent ever.

What the goats so badly wanted inside and where they came from remains a mystery. They were not immediately available for comment, because they can't talk.

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