A Colorado Senate committee on Monday killed a construction-defects reform bill described by its author as a compromise measure to untangle the state's year's long battle over laws that many argue thwarting new development of affordable multi-family housing in Colorado.

The defeat means that lawmakers must now turn their attention to more comprehensive reform proposals on construction defects that contain provisions that have ultimately been rejected by the Legislature for two years running.

Senate Bill 157, sponsored by Rep. Angela Williams, D-Denver, would have required a majority of condominium owners in a homeowners association to bring a construction-defects lawsuit against a condo project's builder, and it would have required all condo owners to be informed of the potential benefits and drawbacks to taking such a legal action.

SB 157 would not have required that construction defect disputes go to alternative dispute resolution— such as binding arbitration — a key point in the years-long debate over reform efforts.

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