When it comes to the fastest Wi-Fi speeds in the busiest airports in North America, where does Denver International Airport rank?

At the top, according to a new study by Seattle-based broadband-testing company Ookla, which determined that DIA is No. 1 in speed among 30 airports from Canada to Central America.

"Downloads at Denver’s airport are 27 percent faster than the last time we crunched the numbers. Even better, it’s the fastest Wi-Fi we’ve seen at any airport on the planet," Ookla said of its Speedtest testing results in a statement.

The average tested download speed at DIA was 78.33 megabytes per second (MBPS) and the average tested upload speed was 78.29 MBPS. That compares with No. 2-ranked Philadelphia International Airport, with tested download speeds of 48.39 MBPS and tested upload speeds of 53.33 MBPS.

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