Metro Denver's Baby Boomer generation are the most cost-burdened renters according to a new report from apartment search site Abodo.

Nearly 49 percent of the Denver-Lakewood-Aurora area's Baby Boomer generation, defined as people ages 51 to 69, are cost burdened, meaning that spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing costs.

That's compared to 44.1 percent of millennials (people ages 19-34) and 43.1 percent of "Gen Xers." (ages 35 to 50) in metro Denver.

A bigger percentage of Baby Boomers are homeowners than millennials. But of the boomers who rent, 49 percent are considered to be "cost burdened."

"[Baby Boomers] are the most cost-burdened of every generation in our study, likely due to the fixed incomes that come with retirement or semi-retirement," the report notes.

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