Almost immediately after Trump started showing a strong lead on election night -- the stock markets took a dive.

Overnight, markets flat-lined and eventually started climbing again.

"We're finding that different industry segments like health care and the defense industry and infrastructure are tending to go up," Shelley Ford said, a financial advisor with The Pelican Bay Group at Morgan Stanley.

Investors hope the president elect's plans for infrastructure will boost the economy.

The Dow closed up 256 points Wednesday after tumbling 800 points overnight.

The S & P 500 was up 23 points and NASDAQ closed 57 points up.

The fluctuation has some people worried about the future of the markets.

Financial experts say take a breath; these fluctuations are common around elections, no matter who the candidates are.

"Typically what happens is you will see a downward trend leading up to the election and then after the election, about a month afterwards, things tend to start to calm down because we have a lot more information on what the new president is going to be doing," said Ford. "Try not to do any knee-jerk reactions because that's a lot of times when we get into trouble."

Financial experts went on to say that it's too early to tell what will happen to the markets and we usually don't see the impacts of new presidents' policies until much later.

"You're really not going to see a lot of this starting to take place and take shape until the third year of his (President-elect Donald Trump) term," Ford said. "This is just a time for us to be able to come together as a nation and you know we're all hopeful that things go well."