Information about nearly 3,400 patients at Children's Hospital Colorado may have been exposed when a hospital e-mail account was hacked in July.

According to a news release from Children's Hospital Colorado, an employee's e-mail account may have been accessed by someone who was not authorized on July 11, 2017.

Some of the e-mails that were in that account had names, addresses, dates of birth and phone numbers of patients. The release said they may have also included some medical information like diagnoses and treatments.

Children's Hospital Colorado says they do not have any evidence that those e-mailed were used in any way, only that the account itself was breached.

They have also emphasized that the hospital's medical records system was not compromised.

The hospital has begun sending letters to all of the patients who were affected by the breach. They have also set up a call line for those who have questions and concerns at 1-888-398-6989.