An Aurora woman quit her job just days before winning a $3.3 million Lotto jackpot.

Yahnique S. won the prize last Saturday when she purchased a quick pick ticket at the King Soopers at 1155 South Havana in Aurora. The winning numbers were 10-14-25-30-31-32.

Still in shock when she came in to the Denver claims office, Yahnique was all smiles holding onto her lucky $3,312,287 Lotto ticket.

Sitting calmly in the Lottery winner’s room Yahnique is a world away from last month when she was feeling so burned out working as a certified nursing assistant job that she decided to resign.

“My last day was January 17, but I didn’t have anything lined up yet,” she said.

Yahnique, who has been an avid Lotto player for more than 30 years, checked the Lottery’s website for winning numbers. She called her husband Bruce to come take a look at the computer, and he thought perhaps she wanted him to look at her latest resume. When he saw that the numbers on the screen matched up with their Lotto ticket, he thought it might be a practical joke.

“I was highly suspicious but then I thought, there’s no way she could mock up their whole website,” said Bruce, who works in electrical maintenance. “I mean, she knows her way around the computer. But not that well,” he laughed.

The couple - who have three sons aged 17, 21, and 24 – have immediate plans to pay bills and make home improvements.