If you’re in the market for some real estate and don’t mind dropping several million dollars, look no further than 1601 Arapahoe Street in Denver.

Yep, that’s the address of the historic Daniels and Fisher Clock Tower.

No, you can’t buy the whole tower, but the top five floors are up for sale. An online real estate auction marketing firm called the LFC Group of Companies will take bids starting Oct. 26.

In July, the top five floors of the tower were listed on the market for $4.5 million. A spokeswoman for LFC Group of Companies said the sellers received a “large amount of interest from potential local buyers,” and turned to LFC to market the tower on a “global level.”

The spokeswoman said the D&F Tower is up for “tender offer,” which is similar to an auction, but different in that contingencies like financing are allowed.

In 2001, property records show the top five floors of the Daniels and Fisher Clock Tower were sold for $700,000 to Historic Preservation Partners.

Construction on the 21-story tower finished in 1911. At the time, the tower was the third tallest building in the country.

The tower is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.