Just when he thought the Rockies season was - like usual - over, Herb Stone heard the news that the team made the playoffs.

"More games, more time to play, a couple extra bucks," Stone said.

Stone is a musician who sings and plays his guitar outside of Coors Field during home games. He and vendors like Nancy Carillo said if the Rockies can win and create more home games, this will be a big financial help.

"Yeah, I thought this was gonna be the end of the season and that's it," Carrillo said. "This is really good extra money."

Stone said this is money that can help him and others survive.

"Well, housing is the biggest expense for everybody here - the rent's gone out of sight," Stone said.

Housing prices have gone up, too.

On Tuesday, Standard and Poors released its Corelogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index. This report shows that Denver is one of a handful of cities where home prices continue to go up. In Denver, prices increased more than 7 percent over the last year.

"There is no limit to which how the house prices go up and in the short term, I don't see any end of this trend," said Dr. Kishore Kulkarni.

Kulkarni is a professor of economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He said moving to Colorado continues to be popular - driving costs up.

"This bubble can burst if we are fiscally irresponsible if we come up with some kind of policy mistakes," Kulkarni said.

Carrillo said the idea of extra money for added Rockies home games can help her family through the winter.

"That's why we need the extra money cause we try to pay the house," Carrillo said.

Stone said he hopes the Rockies keep on winning.

"And, then there's healthcare going up. Everything's going up for the middle class, the guys that are working every day, they're getting crushed," Stone said.