There were a lot of mixed emotions at Eastern Hills Community Church on Saturday morning as people paid their respects to a 14-year-old boy from Aurora.

Trevor Kling died Wednesday after a long battle with cancer. In his short life, however, he influenced so many people, which was made evident by the hundreds of people honoring his life in the church's sanctuary.

Among the crowd were officers from the Lakewood Police Department. Kling was recently added to their law enforcement family. In August, Kling was sworn in as an honorary police agent by Chief Dan McCasky.

"He really had a dream to be a police officer," Chief McCasky said. "He just had such a big impact on our generation."

The officers sat and listened during the Saturday morning service as friends and family members shared their favorite memories of Kling and exactly who he was. Kling was described as someone with a smile that lights up a room and refused to let a "nasty disease steal his joy."

He was also described as a big sports fans. Some people in attendance even wore jerseys to the service to honor this detail about his life.

"He's a big Packers fan, a big Brewers fan," Kirk Bohn, a family friend, said. "My son wore his all-star jersey from baseball this year."

Perhaps the most prominent characteristic of Kling spoken about, however, was his will to never quit.

"I think that's the message that he gave to us," Chief McCasky said. "No matter how tough things are, you just keep battling. You never quit."

"He didn't give up," Bohn said. "He was strong to the very, very end.

Even at the young age of 14, the Saturday morning audience made it clear that Kling had left a lasting impact on them and others.

"Who knows? He may have just been an inspiration for some young boy or girl who will discover a cure for that terrible disease," Pastor Kendal Hommes said.

Hommes wrapped up the service with a quote that the audience agreed summed up their feelings about Kling's life.

"As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, it doesn't matter how long you live but how well you do it," he said.

"That's inspiring to men and women who put their life on the line every day," Chief McCasky said. "That's inspiring when you see Trevor and all the things he's done."