Working out at the gym can involve a range of different movements and exercises.

However, when your gym equipment is all being used, what are some unique ways you can work your body using weights you can find at a gym?

Award-winning personal trainer Jamie Atlas shows us how we can use weight plates (usually found in the squat rack or bench press area, ranging from five to 45lbs) to get a total body workout in.

Squat with twist:

Squat while taking the plate from one hip to the opposite side shoulder while moving to a standing position. When you add a rotation to the hands, you introduce mobility through the upper back that can help keep posture tall and also strengthen smaller, hard-to-get to muscles.

Lunge with plate rotation:

Lunging forward, take the plate over the same leg as you are stepping forward. For extra challenge, extend the arms out until they are almost straight, keeping the torso tall and upright.

Kettlebell swing with twist:

This is a great way to warm up your body and shoulders for any deadlift, swing or Olympic lift movement. As you tilt at the hips, keep the back straight and your head neutral, twisting the plate clockwise and then anti-clockwise as you stand tall.

Jamie Atlas owns a fitness studio downtown and specializes in previously injured or overweight clients looking to return to an active lifestyle. You can reach him with questions at