Using paint to deal with pain is the mission of artist Kirsten Seidel.

"This is a memorial mural for Austin Strasser who passed away at this intersection," Seidel said.

In February 2015, 3-year-old Austin Strasser was being pushed in his stroller by his mother when a 78-year-old woman barrelled into them while they were in the crosswalk crossing properly with the light, according to investigators.

An anonymous local business owner commissioned Seidel to work with Austin's family to create something relatively permanent to remember the little boy.

"Create something beautiful about such a tragic situation and also offer Austin's family a bit of healing," Seidel said.

She painted the moon, balloons and hearts because these are things Austin loved, Seidel said.

"They lost a really amazing boy and so being able to give back to them in a way is really special to me," Seidel said.

The intersection is in a popular area at University Boulevard and Ohio Street right in front of the well-known Bonnie Brae Ice Cream shop.

"Out in the city amongst everyone, creating something that hopefully people will like," Seidel said.

More importantly, she hopes her artwork will help Austin's family in the healing process.

"It transforms a space that, you know, the Strasser family I know has had a very hard time walking down here and they said they want to enjoy this neighborhood again," Seidel said. "This is part of what's going to help them heal and do that."

The driver of the car served one day in jail before performing 200 hours of community service. She told investigators that she didn't see the stroller because of sun glare.