If there's anyone concerned about what's coming out of the water tap, it's the man in charge of what flows out of the beer tap.

"Water is the biggest ingredient in beer," Sam Townsend said.

He is the head brewer for Old Colorado Brewing Company in Wellington, a growing northern Colorado town where the water at times has issues in the summer months.

"You can smell and taste a little of something in the water," Townsend said. "It has a potential to algae bloom."

Wellington town officials tell residents the water is safe to drink and they are working on reducing the algae in the reservoir used to supply the town with water.

"It's not necessarily something to worry about. It's just about - do you want to drink it in that state?" Townsend said. "I would say I personally would not want to drink a glass of water that smelled funny, but I have."

Townsend is still using it to make beer.

"I've made two batches since we had this issue arise and my filtration system has been able to mitigate it," Townsend said.

For residents, he suggests all is still fairly well in Wellington.

"The question you have to ask is, do you want them to put in more chemicals to get out of the smells and then just leave it as safe and leave some chemicals out of the treatment process," Townsend said. "That's what I would wonder."