If you’ve ever wondered if you have had too much to drink to get behind the wheel, you probably shouldn’t drive.

But you also don’t have to wonder anymore.

CDOT is giving away breathalyzers that hook up to your smart phone via Bluetooth.

The manufacturer of the BACtrack Mobile Pro says it’s police-grade, pocket-sized, and the app it connects to will even order an Uber if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over the legal limit.

There is some fine print on getting your breathalyzer. CDOT’s program is only open to people who already have a DUI and live in Jefferson County, Adams County or Weld County.

Once you sign up through their website (https://www.codot.gov/safety/alcohol-and-impaired-driving), there are three online surveys to fill out. If CDOT selects you, they’ll send you the breathalyzer for free.

CDOT is trying to study if access to a mobile breathalyzer decreases someone’s risk of driving drunk.

Officials say one-third of Colorado’s DUI arrests are repeat offenders. CDOT says DUI-related crashes accounted for a third of all traffic fatalities in JeffCo, Adams and Weld Counties in 2016.

CDOT’s program runs from now through the end of the summer.

For everyone else, the model CDOT is using is $100, but BACtrack also offers models from $50.