With just six days until election day, the presidential candidates' campaigns aren't taking any breaks.

They are out urging people to vote early if they can - or make sure they are registered and ready to vote on election day.

Chelsea Clinton campaigned for her mother, Hillary Clinton, in Boulder Wednesday morning. She launched phone banks and canvasses in the area and also in the Aurora area Tuesday evening.

Clinton urged voters to be very active in the days to come leading up to election day.

"I believe that if we keep talking to people about what is actually at stake in this election we will win, but to do that we do need your help." Clinton said. "Whatever you can do over the next six days, whoever you can talk to, whatever conversations you can have - all of it really, really matters."

She wrapped up the event taking questions from supporters.

Bill Clinton is expected to campaign for his wife in Colorado later this week.

The former President is scheduled to appear Friday at events in Pueblo, Denver, and Fort Collins.