The city has launched a campaign aimed at educating residents about the effects of the Emerald Ash Borer, a beetle that’s caused major damage to trees around the state.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says one in six trees in the city and county of Denver is an ash tree – and these trees could die because of the ash borer.

The city plans to remove and replace smaller infected ash trees on its property. Larger ones will be treated.

A group of Denver representatives traveled to communities in the Midwest that have been devastated by the ash borer.

“I mean, I stood by yards in Milwaukee where they had to find land that they use for other things just to stack up dead trees,” District 7 Councilman Jolon Clark said.

The beetles hasn’t been found in Denver yet. It’s already in Boulder County.

Denver says it will handle treatment or removal of ash trees on city property.

On private property, that burden falls on the homeowner.