A hiker died Sunday morning after falling off Capitol Peak's Knife Edge, which is a very narrow portion of the mountain, deputies say.

Jeremy Shull, 35 of Parker, was with a group of others didn't see or hear their friend fall over the ledge's east side - but another group heard it.

Shull reportedly fell 200 feet.

A rescue operation was started by a deputy with the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office with members of the Mountain Rescue Aspen (MRA) at the C.B. Cameron Rescue Center - to no avail.

The all-volunteer MRA were sent into the field on foot and were inserted by a Flight for Life helicopter from Summit County. The team found the hiker and found the injuries to be too severe, the Pitkin County Sheriff's Office says.

Because of the precarious area where the man fell, as well as the poor weather conditions, rescuers decided a recovery mission would be impossible Sunday. They returned Wednesday.

It took nine hours for the rescue team to pull our Shull's body. Rescuers were safely out of the field by 3 p.m.


Knife Edge is a well-known crossing spot on the notoriously difficult-to-climb Capitol Peak. There have been others who've lost their lives trying to cross it.