Colorado’s Republican House Minority Leader defended his decision to send a fundraising e-mail after the shooting that injured a U.S. Congressman and four others outside Washington, D.C. Wednesday.

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Representative Patrick Neville wrote that the "left is out of control and their violent actions are un-American."

Neville's fundraising email blames the shooting on violent rhetoric against conservatives and says "the mainstream media could care less." It concludes with an appeal for 25 or 50 dollars for the Colorado Liberty PAC.

A liberal blog, Colorado Pols, accused Neville of trying to profit from tragedy.

Neville told 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark his appeal was about speech:

I wouldn't consider it a pure fundraising email. The main purpose was to encourage people not to be silenced by fear. This issue is a difficult one for me. As a former Columbine student I have experienced a mass shooting and lost friends. I also saw political terrorist acts, like this one, used in Iraq as a way to silence the citizens of that country. I never want to see that here in America. I think it is important to stand up against them immediately.