The CEO of the company that runs ski resorts in Aspen and Snowmass blames a steep decline in visitors from Mexico primarily on "the xenophobia radiating from the Oval Office."

"My company runs four ski areas, two hotels and more than a dozen restaurants in Aspen and Snowmass, Colorado. At peak season, we employ roughly 4,000 people. Foreign visitors are crucial to our business—and we have a problem," Mike Kaplan, chief executive of Aspen Skiing Co., says in an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal last week.

He cites a 30 percent decline in visits to Aspen by Mexicans last year from the year before, and "bookings for 2017-18 aren’t looking much better."

"As the head of the Mexico City public-relations firm that promotes Aspen in Mexico told us, 'The dollar has been strong, which makes travel to the U.S. expensive, but Trump is the No. 1 reason' [for the decline]," Kaplan writes.

He cites research indicating an overall decline in Mexicans visiting the U.S. this year of 1.8 million from 2016 levels, and a 2.6 million decline next year.

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