Brothers, William and Lino Lokonobei are missing a very important member of their family.

“Whether you are big or you are small, everybody loves their mom,” Lino said.

The brothers are from South Sudan.

Lino arrived to the U.S. in 1992 while William just got to the States one year ago. Their mother, Veronica, is living in a refugee camp a world away.

“We are trying to save mom from Kakuma Refugee Camp to come in join us here because we fear that she will go through stress and depression and we fear for her life,” William said.

In April, the brothers found a listening ear in Coloradan Frank DeDominicis.

“I feel for any families that are separated,” DeDominicis explained. “And when I heard that Mom was the last one that was alive in the camp and it was so easy. It's only a matter of money, only a matter of money. That's why I am invested, I realized we could raise this. There is so much love behind this cause, we can help rescue Veronica.”

Recently, three members of the Lokonobei family passed away. Now their mother is living alone and living with grief. Lino said a refugee camp is no place for a woman in her early seventies.

“If she were here with me I can be able to really know, 'oh now I think this is what she needs,’" he said. "But now she is somewhere and I don't know how she is handling it. And so, I want her here so that I can help her so that I can be able to assist her. I know she is an old lady. But then the situation there is tough for an old person by herself."

Together the Lokonobei brothers and DeDominicis have created a campaign called, the “Kakuma Mom Rescue.”

They hope to raise $35,000 to get Veronica out of the camp and to the U.S. Information about the Kakuma Mom Rescue can be found on