WHAT?! Are you telling me Captain America rode through Thornton Saturday morning and I missed it?

At least, that's what we said when we saw the photo.

These two photos were submitted by Mel Watson, who tells 9NEWS her father and a friend were at the corner of 120th and Interstate 25 Saturday morning when none other than Steve Rogers pulled up beside them.

He tossed them a friendly salute and then continued on his way. Where's he going? Probably to help protect Earth from Thanos.

In semi-related news, a bunch of the stars of the new Avengers: Infinity War movie took the stage at D23 (Disney's teaser for all their upcoming movies) - but it didn't look like Cap was in there. Maybe he was running late?

He's been spotted before in the metro area - on election day he was in Denver encouraging people to vote!

Did you spot him? If you did, you can upload photos and video of America's superhero (and anything else you find that's cool) to YourTake!

Who's that? (Photo: Mel Watson)