A Denver mother died trying to save her son from Clear Creek in Golden Sunday, police said.

Golden Police said they think the 11-year-old boy and his mother got in tubes and were hoping to float down the creek just west of 6th Avenue.

Right after they got in, the boy's tube reportedly capsized and he was thrown into the water, authorities said in a release.

The boy's mother, 31-year-old Amber Raye Presson, jumped into the water after him and was briefly able to get ahold of him, but they were overcome by water and pushed downstream.

She screamed for help before hitting her head on a rock, police said. She was then unconscious in the water.

Her son called for help and was able to get the attention of some bystanders who got the pair out of the water.

Those who helped immediately started CPR on Presson. Golden Police and Park Rangers showed up to relieve them and then Golden Fire and AMR Paramedics showed up to continue lifesaving efforts.

Presson was pronounced dead at the scene.

The child was unhurt in the incident and is now with relatives, police say.