It's been quite a long time since we really saw any tangible snow here in Denver. While the National Weather Service says we got trace amounts of snow back in the 2014-2015 winter season, we haven't had any measurable snow since 2000.


And even then it was only 0.2 inches.

Our average is 1.0 inches and dropping slightly each year.

We've had sort of the opposite of snow so far in September; temperatures actually broke records in Denver - 97 degrees compared to the old 95 set back in '95!

The 9NEWS meteorology team doesn't think this is the year for powder on the ground either:

"Not for the first half of the month," said meteorologist Danielle Grant. "Definitely not."

And storm chaser Cory Reppenhagen?

"No, not this year," he said. "The 30-day forecast is for above-average temps."

Well there you have it, at least from your friends at 9NEWS. The average snowfall is going to dip a little, as this should be the 17th year in a row without so much as a dusting.

But if, by some miracle, we do get snow, let us know! We'd love to made snow angels in September!

9NEWS Weather Center | Your Local Forecast

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