On cold, snowy days like Thursday, the basic human need for clothing becomes more apparent, especially for people experiencing homelessness.

Which makes the timing of a giveaway of 8,000 pairs of cargo pants to the homeless Thursday morning, perfect.
Linen and uniform rental company Alsco donated the pants, which were handed out in the Coors Field parking lot.

Organizers and volunteers gave away hundreds of pairs of pants in just a few hours.

“You gotta keep yourself warm, and not too hot,” an unidentified woman who received a few pairs said. “You gotta have layers. That's why I got one for summer, 'cause even the nights get cold out there. And you gotta have one for winter, bigger size so that you can have stuff underneath it. You gotta have layers. Then you should make it, y'know."

Denver City Councilmember Debby Ortega helped organize today's giveaway with Mile High Behavioral Healthcare.