Attention Longmont residents! The Longmont Public Library is asking for your unique collections to put on display for a month.

Although the building is filled with books, some of the most interesting stories come from the collections in two different display cases on the second floor, according to the library's staff.

The Longmont Public Library has been showing off the different compilations for years now, but a new lighting system in the cases help attract guests' eyes.

"There is not an hour that goes by where somebody is not paused at those glass cases looking in there," Devon Smith, one of the librarians, said. "A lot of the time, it's the little kids that go running by and you can see them go, 'Wait a minute. What was that?'"

While the collections are attention-grabbing, Smith said she hopes they also serve as a connection between people with similar passions.

"I would like somebody to bring in a collection that's really unique to them and they think, 'I'm the only one in Longmont that likes this kind of stuff. I must be weird or something,'" Smith said. "Then another person comes in and goes, 'Oh my gosh! These are so cool. I like this kind of stuff, too.'"

So far, the library has displayed everything from Barbie dolls throughout the decades to creatively-designed gourds.

"The last collection that was in here was the dragons from a local tattoo artist," Smith said. "He had dozens and dozens of just different kind of little dragon figurines that were really cool."

Smith said their definition of unique is relative and if someone thinks their collection is cool, then it is -- and they want to see it. She said most of the items they put on display are pieces of art from local artists, but they're not allowed to show prices.

"We do not promote anybody's business," she said. "This is just for personal collections."

If you're interested in showing off some of your collectibles or pieces of art, you can stop by the library and fill out a form to submit your idea to be added to the list. You can also e-mail Devon Smith at