A student at Black Hawk Middle School in Warrenton used her powerful voice to send a message against bullying.

Michael Wurth shared a video of his daughter, Ariana, singing at her school’s talent show. He said his daughter has issues with "the typical bullying that occurs in school." Ariana sang Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful.”

“Last year she told her mother and I that she wanted to sing in the talent show at school. We had never heard her sing besides very muted in her room. Then she performed at the talent show and crushed it. We were absolutely shocked. This year she wanted in her way to speak out against bullying. Since she is often the butt of jokes she asked if I could make a video that could play as she sang. I can tell you there were many people that were moved. She is a great lady and I am in awe of her courage to get up there and let it go.” Wurth said.

Are you or your child being bullied? Here are a few resources that can help: