KUSA – Have a bunch of old electronics that you’ve been meaning to unload?

We get it. They’re a pain to get rid of and oftentimes cost you a steep fee.

Save yourself the hassle and attend 9NEWS’ annual e-cycle event on September 9 at Coors Field.

The event runs from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. at parking lot A. You’ll want to enter at Park Avenue West and Wazee Street.

Most items can be taken off your hands for free, but others will cost you a small fee to offset the costs of disposal. We'll be accepting cards, checks and cash.

All donations raised will go to benefit the Metro Denver Crime Stoppers. The e-cycle event serves as the agency's second largest fundraiser of the year.

To make it happen, we’re partnering with the BBB and Techno+Rescue – a locally owned company that uses a data wiping technique that’s Department of Defense approved to ensure recycled computers and smart phones will not be used to steal your identity.

Here’s a look at some items you CAN bring to recycle at the event:

• Desktop computers
• Computers Servers
• Laptops
• Stereo and Video Equipment
• Printers
• Home or car audio
• Batteries
• Consumer electronics
• Cabling / Electronic wiring
• Televisions (see below list for which TV's we will not accept for this event)
• Cameras
• Copiers
• Fax machines
• Hard Drives
• Medical equipment
• All other storage media
• Network equipment (home, commercial, enterprise)
• Keyboard & mice
• Laboratory equipment
• Monitors
• Testing equipment
• Peripheral devices
• Scanners
• Phones typewriters

There is an additional $10 charge for CRT monitors.

Examples of CRT Monitors and CRT All-in-One Computers

CRT and Flat Tvs will cost you $30 to recycle. Cathode Ray Tube televisions and monitors contain leaded glass and are difficult to get rid of.

Example of CRT and Flat TVs. 

And console, projection and DLP TVs will cost you $70 each. There is always a fee for these items and limited locations to dispose of them. Goodwill, ARC and other donation centers no longer take these items because of the expense.

Example of Console, Projection, DLP TVs. 

Here is what we CAN'T accept for this event:

• Exposed TV's
• Air conditioners
• Car/alkaline batteries
• Light bulbs
• Anything with Freon
• Paper (The Shred-a-thon event is in May)

These items will NOT be accepted at this e-cycle event. 

Chances are, there will be a line. So to minimize your wait time, check in with us on Twitter beforehand.

E-cycle Poster by 9news on Scribd