From the start to the finish, Kristin Armstrong has been right there with all the riders racing in the Colorado Classic on courses she knows well.

“Today’s course I raced on the time trial bike in 2015,” Armstrong said.

She won the women’s Pro Challenge time trial race along with a few Olympic gold medals and she might otherwise be racing with the fastest women on earth if she wasn’t cycling through the facts of the race instead.

“It’s a lot of background work,” Armstrong said.

This time around, she's calling the Colorado Classic “not only providing color but [is] also the main [commentator] on stage through the entire race both men and women,” she explained.

It's a job she’s doing alongside another pro racer Janelle Holcomb.

“it feels so great to be a part of this team,” Holcomb said.

Two pro riders and one announcer named Susie Wargin, whose face and hair many around Denver might know.

“Some people recognized the hair,” Wargin said.

The three make up a new kind of announcing team at the professional bike racing level unlike any other.

“Groundbreaking, maybe, I don’t know how often it happens,” Wargin said.

All are women which seems to be the first time that’s ever happened.

“I’ve been in racing a long time and this has been the first race that I know of that there has been an all women commentating team,” said Armstrong.

Just one of the new things organizers are doing with the Colorado Classic that Kristen hopes will become a lasting tradition.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Armstrong said.