Several students were involved in drawing up a threatening list against certain students at a Denver school that was found at the school Thursday, school officials say.

A student found the list at Denver Discovery School and immediately took it to an adult at the school. Denver Police and DPS Safety and Security were brought in to investigate.

Spokesperson Alex Renteria with DPS says the parents of the students who drew up the list were told Thursday - and that parents of the students who were on the list were told Friday.

No students or staff were believed to be in any danger, school officials say. The students will be dealt with in line with the district's code of conduct. No word on any charges for any of the students involved.

Denver Discovery Principal Dana Ellis sent a letter to parents Friday detailing the event and commending the student who came forward after finding the note.

Ellis apologized for waiting to tell all the parents until Friday - instead of notifying them all the day the event actually happened.

"This is not acceptable," she wrote about the delay. "My sincere apologies to these families."

She added that school staff will continue to learn and grow.