There’s a common bond between mothers who have kids with special needs.

“You find out someone has a special needs child, you know that they understand,” said local mom Heather Shaffett.

Her 12-year-old son, Ozark, suffers from mitochondrial disease and epilepsy. On Thursday, she met with two other moms who also have special needs kids. Andrea Reitzel and Lisa Mosely work for All For Kids Health, a service that helps families with disabled kids.

Reitzel’s 6-year-old son is a cancer survivor, has epilepsy, and he’s also on the autism spectrum. Every day, Alexander needs sensory items, a nebulizer, and a host of medicines. Ozark uses things like hemp oil and an oxygen monitor.

The moms know these are items that moms in Houston, Texas do not have easy access to right now. So Andrea, Lisa, and Heather are gathering supplies and driving them south.

List of needed supplies:

Hand sanitizer
Pull ups
Alcohol pads or sterilizers
Chucks pads
G-tube tubing
Oxygen masks
Nebulizer masks
Complete formula for g-tube
Baby shampoo
Water, or bottles and sippy cups
Anything else you can think of for special needs fragile children and families, equipment in good usable condition (nothing overly specialized, primarily equipment related to basic necessities)

Central Denver Drop-off Location:

(just off I-25)

All for Kids Home Health
Andrea Reitzel
4155 E Jewell Ave, Suite 900
Denver, CO 80222

During business hours or call