You remember graduating school, right? The feeling of finally getting out into the world - on your own! - carving your own path through life and this world.

That may sound grandiose, but that was today for a young mountain lion looking for some territory of his own. Unfortunately for this lion, he wandered into Centennial.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson says the mountain lion probably got into town following a creek in the area sometime before 8 a.m. Young mountain lions will often spread out looking for territory, and the parks service regularly deals with young animals making their way into towns because they don't know better.

The mountain lion wasn't doing anything wrong, so it was tranquilized and brought back out into the wild. So, it'll probably have a bit of a headache and wonder if its time in Centennial was a dream.

No one was hurt, wildlife officials say.

Up-sa-daisy! Little young mountain lion getting picked up and hauled off! (Photo: Monica Obrien)