TROUTDALE, Ore. -- A cougar has been spotted near Sweetbriar Elementary School in Troutdale.

The picture was taken Sunday morning and there have been no sightings since, according to an Oregon State Trooper who has been patrolling the area all week, looking for the big wild cat.

The trooper said he wasn’t sure if it is a male or female, but that is it certainly full grown. And if it is still in the area, it could be a threat to people.

That includes children at nearby school. Children were out playing on Friday, but the school district says it has extra eyes on them right now. They plan to notify parents in a newsletter.

As for the picture that’s now getting a lot of attention, it was taken by Mariela Marquez. Her father first spotted it Sunday morning, prowling through their property. Mariela took the picture from the safety of the front living room, through the window. It had crossed Southeast Evans Street..

“When I first saw it I was pretty surprised, I mean that’s something you think you’d see at the zoo not like in your back yard or front yard. When someone walked by we tried to get them in. But ya, it was pretty scary,” said Marquez.

After she took the picture the cougar jumped the neighbor’s front fence with ease, and was gone.

If you spot the cougar call Troutdale Police right away.