Chainsaws, chainsaws, chainsaws and - wait for it - more chainsaws.

That was the noise filling Green Mountain Park in Lakewood Saturday morning all for a good cause as crews cut down overgrown brush to help stop wildfires.

West Metro Fire Rescue was joined by a nonprofit comprised of military veterans called Team Rubicon in their effort to make surround homes safer from the ever-present threats of fire.

Crews removed all sorts of potential fire fuels such as dead tree limbs and, of course, dry grasses.

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A spokesperson for West Metro Fire says this is the first time they've done a fire prevention event like this and they hope to do it again in the future and even expand it to other areas.

Fire mitigation, as they call it, is a constant process. While fire crews are doing great work this year cutting out all the brush, depending on how it grows back, they may just need to be out year after year, the spokesperson says.

Also, they used a wood chipper to recycle some of the brush so Lakewood can do some landscaping projects around the city.