If someone had just followed the signs and signals, a 13-year-old girl wouldn’t be at home with her arm in a splint and her knee in a cast. Her friend wouldn’t have stitches in her foot and staples in her head.

“Yeah, it was really scary,” Ciarra Tognocchi said, remembering Monday morning.

Tognocchi and her friend Devyni Melchior were hit by a car at about 7:00 a.m. while walking to Prairie Middle School in Aurora. The 8th graders said they were in the crosswalk when a black car ran the red light at East Iliff Avenue and Westerly Creek Trail.

“I remember waking up on the street and a bunch of people like crowding me and I’m screaming trying to get help,” Tognocchi said.

Tognocchi remembers the stranger who held her hand.

“I asked her what happened and she said, ‘you’ve been hit by a car,’” Tognocchi said.

Tognocchi’s mother, Kim Collier, won’t ever forget the phone call she received Monday morning.

“I’m just grateful there are people that do have a conscience and do stop,” Collier said.

Tognocchi suffered a concussion and a broken arm.

“It’s in the middle of the humerus,” Tognocchi said, patting her left arm.

She’s also awaiting an MRI to check out her knee. Melchior hurt her knee as well, and had cuts on the back of her head, forehead, lip and foot.

“Two girls on their way to school,” Collier said, shaking her head and holding back tears. “I just can’t even begin to imagine.”

The girls don’t remember much about the car that hit them.

“The only thing that we can gather is that it was a black car,” Collier said.

Devyni Melchior said she remembered the car had a black tint stripe at the top of the windshield. Witnesses on scene told the girls the car looked like a Honda Civic.

Kim Collier is hopeful the person who chose not to follow the signs on the road, will follow a conscience.

“My daughter needs justice for this,” she said.

Aurora Police told 9NEWS Wednesday afternoon a detective would soon be assigned to the case. If you have information about the hit-and-run that may help police, give them a call at (303)739-6050.