An Adams County Sheriff's Deputy has been arrested after forcing a suspect off a roof during a confrontation in March.

James Cook, 33, was arrested Thursday and is being charged with 2nd degree assault.

According to a press release, it all started with a domestic violence call in Brighton on March 21. 

The suspect, Alejandro Martinez, 24, ran from authorities and climbed onto the rooftop of an outbuilding nearby.

Alejandro Martinez, 24, was arrested on charges of Criminal Mischief, 3 rd Degree Assault, Obstructing a Police Officer and Domestic Violence.  

Police say he was refusing direct orders to come down so Cook, an Adams County K9 hander, was sent to the roof with a dog to attempt to take Martinez into custody.

Witnesses told police that during the ensuing confrontation, Cook physically forced Martinez off the roof.

Martinez fell and was taken into custody on the ground. He was transported to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Martinez was charged with criminal mischief, 3rd degree assault, obstructing a police officer and domestic violence. 

The Weld County Sheriff's Office, which was also involved in the arrest of Martinez, investigated the claims that Cook had forced Martinez off the roof. Their investigation ended Thursday with the arrest of Cook.

James Cook