An Aurora man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for bilking investors out of more than $900,000.

Chisan Chong, 41, pleaded guilty to five counts of felony securities crimes in a case dating back to 2011.

This week Chong was handed a 10-year sentence for three of the counts. The other two counts led to 25 years of economic crimes probation. Chong was also ordered to pay more than $1.3 million in restitution, including interest, to his victims.

Chong's attorney had requested probation

"To those who believe they can financially exploit people in this community without fear of prison, let this case and its result serve as a warning," said District Attorney George Brauchler said. "Economic crimes harm victims in ways that can last longer than physical crimes."

"Colorado is a bad place to cheat investors," according to Colorado Securities Commissioner Gerald Rome. "Investment crooks are caught, prosecuted and sent to prison here."