Multiple schools were on lockout Tuesday as law enforcement swarmed a Brighton neighborhood negotiating with a suspect who threatened to shoot police.

Two suspects were were eventually taken into custody after a standoff that lasted for hours.

Brighton Police say at around 5:18 a.m., dispatch received a call from a man who said officers were trying to kick down his door. When they arrived, they did not find any police at the home.

When officers knocked on the door, they say the man threatened to shoot them. A woman was also inside the home. Police have not confirmed what her involvement is in the ordeal.

Earlier, police told 9NEWS officers were in the area looking for an escaped inmate. The barricaded suspect is not believed to have been that person.

Three schools in the area were placed on lockout shortly before 8 a.m. That lockout has since been lifted, and Brighton Police say they've deemed it safe for students to leave at the normal time.