A Colorado Springs man who raped a woman in her home and videotaped the act was given the maximum sentence for his charges Thursday - 48 years to life, the DA's office said.

The 18th Circuit District Attorney's Office said 31-year-old Desmond Alvis Martin went into an Aurora woman's home back in January 2016 with a mask and a handgun, then forced her to perform numerous sex acts while recording her on his cell phone.

Martin was ID'd by authorities in Colorado Springs when they noticed similarities with the Aurora crime and several others in El Paso County.

Investigators learned Martin committed four more sex crimes in the exact same way in Colorado Springs. All four women testified against him at trial.

He was found guilty of sexual assault on July 7 of this year.

"What he did is not OK," the Aurora victim said to the court. "Nobody deserves to be held at gunpoint like I was. I'm still in therapy over the 30 minutes I spent with him. He needs to get what he deserves."

Judge Phillip Douglass presided over the case. He said the maximum sentence was needed to deter similar crimes.