Despite opting to use heavy machinery in an attempt to steal an ATM, some apparent criminals in Colorado Springs failed to make off with any cash.

They did, however, leave the evidence behind: a backhoe.

Colorado Springs Police Public Information Officer Lieutenant Howard Black says police are investigating an attempted theft and/or criminal mischief at the U.S. Bank location off of Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado Springs.

Based on photographs, it appears the suspects parked a backhoe in the bank's ATM drive-thru and attempted to steal or break open the machine.

According to our affiliate KOAA, employees at a nearby shop arrived to work Wednesday morning to find the heavy machinery still parked at the bank, next to a damaged automated teller machine.

KOAA reports that despite all the effort, the suspects were unable to get any cash from the machine.

We have reached out to Lieutenant Black for more details on the investigation.