A group of botched burglars might not have tried so hard to break in if they knew what was really inside the Adams County store they targeted.

Bret Hunter, the owner of Sports Optical and Tactical Rx, thinks the failed burglary is just the latest incident in an on-going case of mistaken identity. His store is full of top-of-the-line glasses, most prescription shooting glasses.

“We make glasses for the FBI, the CIA, the US Marshalls and the everyday Joe off the street,” Hunter said.

However, a lot of people confuse what the store actually sells based on its appearance. Half of the building is camouflage-colored and Hunter said every other day they have “somebody walk in looking for a gun store.”

Hunter also believes that could be why his store was targeted last Friday by a few thieves. Surveillance cameras show the group of people pulling up to the store’s front door in a couple of vehicles at four in the morning. They were all wearing matching hoodies.

One person busted out one of the store’s windows with a sledgehammer after a few tries but couldn’t take down the garage door behind it.

The group then used one of the vehicles to back into the garage door.

“That’s a hard hit right there,” Hunter said as he watched the surveillance footage. “They ran into it five or six times over the course of five minutes.”

The attempt to take down the garage door was still unsuccessful, so the thieves resorted to throwing bottles of Corona and Fireball whiskey at it.

They ultimately ended up leaving empty handed.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office confirms they are still looking into what happened. Despite the owner’s theory, they say the exact reason for the attempted burglary is still unknown.

However, even if those people tried to break into the store because its camouflaged façade led them to believe it was a gun store, Hunter said he still won’t paint the building a different color.