Police knew it was coming this weekend. More motorcyclists driving through Denver Metro area than normal, many of them on their way to Sturgis in South Dakota.

Many riders followed the rules, but Denver police say they knew some wouldn't.

Five people were arrested on charges ranging from speeding to reckless driving. Another 10 were cited for issues with license plates. And 11 motorcycles and cars were impounded by Denver Police.

We also got viewer photos of a group of motorcyclists on Federal, pictures of them doing tricks in the middle of the road around other cars. Some of you told us drivers had to stop at green lights as motorcyclists passed through.

DPD didn't say where the people were arrested but did say there could be multiple groups traveling through the Denver Metro area some to the rally or other destinations.

"It's difficult to say," said John White with Denver Police. "It very well may have been a number of individuals we contacted around this time last year in 2016 that were causing major traffic disruptions, driving recklessly and carelessly very well may have been some of those individuals. Could have also been individuals traveling through our city's two major thoroughfares I-25 and I-70 on their way to Sturgis."

One of the incidents White's talking about is a group of motorcyclists who blocked part of Interstate 25 last summer. Organizers of that demonstration claimed their goal was to call attention to biker safety and awareness.
This year, DPD paired up with 12 other agencies saying coordination was better this year.

We spoke to Colorado State Patrol as well as the Aurora, Lakewood and Commerce City police departments. They didn't report any other arrests.

Police are looking through more video from this weekend and if they find anyone breaking the law, DPD says they will go after them.