The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office says many of the plants confiscated from a massive illegal marijuana grow operation in northeastern Colorado could have been destined to go to a dispensary on the Front Range.

Deputies first discovered the grow in the basement of a home near County Roads 30 and C after a fire was reported there Saturday afternoon.

The fire apparently started in the basement, and was caused by faulty wiring that powered the grow’s lighting ballasts, fans and hydroponic systems, the sheriff’s office said in a news release Monday.

During an ensuing search, investigators confiscated a small amount of cash, marijuana growing equipment, cell phones, a computer and other pieces of evidence.

They also found approximately two pounds of marijuana and 1,721 marijuana plants – something that could yield a retail value of $6.9 million, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies did not say why they believe these plants could have been headed to the Front Range.

Two people, identified as Clifton Boggess, 54, and Connie Sizemore, 47, were arrested for their role in the grow. They face charges for distribution of marijuana, and are being held in the Yuma County Detention Center without bond.

Anyone with information about the grow is asked to call the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office at 970-332-4805 or to send a private message on Facebook.