Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputies arrested the principal of D'Evelyn Junior Senior High School, Tony Edwards, for third degree misdemeanor assault.

"It is important to highlight this is a matter unrelated to D’Evelyn and occurred outside of Mr. Edwards' work day. We can assure you the matter did not involve any D’Evelyn staff or students," Dan Cohan, achievement director for Jefferson County Schools, said in an email to parents.

Edwards was arrested Wednesday night. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department says the situation involves domestic violence.

JeffCo Schools has placed Edwards on paid administrative leave during the investigation. He appeared in court Thursday and will appear again in court in December 2.

D'Evelyn is widely considered one of the top academic high schools in Colorado every year.

"Please be assured we will do whatever we can at D’Evelyn to help our students and staff process this information, and supports for students will be available as necessary. We want your students to feel supported during this time," Cohan wrote in his email to parents.