An Edgewater officer continues to see improvement after suffering respiratory and cardiac arrest last week.

Edgewater Cpl. Michael Nesbitt is no longer in the intensive care unit.

Edgewater police said Nesbitt made "guarded improvement" on Saturday. He was injured in a fight with a DUI suspect on Friday.

The suspect, Connor Michael Dougherty, was being pursued by Nesbitt around 2 a.m. that night. Dougherty then crashed his motorized scooter in a school parking lot. Edgewater police say Dougherty fought with officers, including Nesbitt.

Nesbitt was immediately brought to the hospital after the fight. The strain from fighting resulted in respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Dougherty suffered injuries as well. He was arrested after being released from the hospital. He is now in Jefferson County Jail on several charges including second degree assault of a peace officer.

Nesbitt remains at Lutheran Medical Center. He and his family continue to thank the community for their positive support.