The roads and airports aren't the only busy places: Liquor stores are packed with people getting ready for the holiday.

One person decided to take advantage of that by robbing Dry Creek Liquors in Centennial and it was all caught on camera.

"I was looking and I just happen to notice somebody peek his head through the back door and I said, 'what's going on here?'" says Chris Melstrom, the store manager.

What was going on is a man stealing two cases of Vodka worth $240.

"He makes sure to leave the door open so that he can come back and get more," Melstrom says.

When the suspect came back for seconds, Melstrom and another employee took off to catch him.

"When that stuff happens, you're in the moment and you just go for it and it's natural instinct," Melstrom says.

The other employee, Jeff, jumped on the hood of the white SUV getaway car.

"I looked out the corner of my eye and he was like superman jumping on the hood," Melstrom says. "I was scared because I could hear him tumble off the truck and then I yelled his name and ran back to him."

The car ran over Jeff's foot.

"It could have been his head," Melstrom says. "They didn't care at all, they didn't care if they killed him. It makes me want to catch them."

Dry Creek Liquors has been open since 1986. Melstrom says it sees five to ten robberies every year. But he thinks this time, the suspect may have been in the store before.

"When the guy came to the back he put his gloves on, he knew where the cameras were because he covered his face so it's almost like they've been here before," he said.

After their last encounter, Melstrom doesn't think they'll be back again.

"If you're going to take something we're going to come after you," he says.

Right now, Jeff is waiting for the X-ray on his foot to come back.

Chris says he wants to make a plaque for him because he is without a doubt, employee of the year.

If you have any tips on this case you can call the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office tip line 720-874-8477.